The Toll NZ-Labour link

Someone pointed out to me today the rather uncomfortable fact that Toll NZ was Labour’s largest corporate donor in 2007.

Now that just maybe an unhappy coincidence for Labour or it may be something far more murky.

The fact that Toll got the sweetheart deal of the century in giving up a dog of a business to Labour and at the same time reefing out the best part of that business and getting a loan off their balance sheet seems to be too much to bear.

Was this the price that New Zealand taxpayers had to pay for Toll NZ donating to Labour?

Are Labour so hard up that they have spent the best part of a billion dollars to secure a $25,000 donation?

Murky, unclear, shadowy, all of these words can be used to described Cullen’s actions in trying to keep details of the deal secret, like the $200 million loan gotcha we have all copped.

  • pdq

    Gee, and I though National was supposed to be in the pocket of “big” business.  Labour has out done itself with welfare for even BIGGER AUSTRALIAN business.  Useless lefties can’t even favour our own.

  • Awarua2008

    “Where do I account for that $25,000, Bruce?”

    “Stick it on the end of that $66497500 bill we’re sending them, Trevor.”

  • Stroke That Ego

    my thought is that he was “made” to do the deal.

  • Inventory2

    Speaking of “unhappy coincidences”, I made that connection at about 4.30pm this afternoon, and posted about it on Keeping Stock shortly after!!

    I’ve just opined that that Toll New Zealand Consolidated Limited’s investment has been repaid with handsome interest!! I don’t know what the connection between Toll NZ Consolidated Limited and Toll Australia is, but there is a large dead rat somewhere, and it smells baaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd!!!


  • WallyAnchor

    I like a good conspiracy theory, but it would appear that this one is just a “happy coincidence”.

    Unless Toll were hedging their bets.

    National received the same donation.

  • pdq

    Yes, but an unfortunate fact is that Labour is in Government, National are not. Barking at the moon is about all the left have left.

    Buggar me, $1,000,000,000 divided by $25,000 gives a rate of return that even Kiwibank or Working for Families can’t deliver.