Another Homicide in South Auckland

A woman who was callously run over last night in front of her 8 year old child after a hit and run robbery has died this morning bringing the number of those brutally killed in South Auckland in one week to three.

Clark of course will now blame the bottlestores is the area for this crime while Anette King will be scratching to link these to the full moon as it is tomorrow. Still probably close enough to lay the blame there.

After nine years of hardLabour it is very, very clear to all except the lickspittles and fawners that Labour’s social policies are failing, that crime is rampant, drug prevalent and the Police ineffective.

Time for National to cll for real tough sentencing like “Time Sentenced = Time Served”. End parole even if it means more prisons and start actually policing rather than revenue gathering.

  • coge

    South Auckland is Labour heartland, pure & simple. It is deeply disturbing that this is is the result of years of socialist policy, & this is Labours vision for the rest of NZ.
    The Clarkists have failed where they tried their hardest.

  • SeanJa

    and lose concurrent sentencing… the most immoral idea of them all.

  • pdq

    Given the proliferation of used car dealers selling cheap get-away cars in South Auckland, will there be new legislation further regulating these businesses? Will social impact reports be required for car yards, in particular considering their proximity to banks, jewellery shops and indeed liquor stores? No, didn’t think so.