Clark blames bottleshops

PM pushes for blitz on bottle shopsPrime Minister Helen Clark wants to crack down on the number of liquor outlets in poor areas of New Zealand in the wake of killings and robberies that have shocked the country.
She said yesterday that she wants Parliament to revisit…
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Good god almighty, when will the government actually take some responsibility for something.

At the beginning of the year as a crime and murder spree hit South Auckland the Police and Justice Minister, Annette “Commonsense” King, blamed it all on the heat of summer and the full moon.

Last week there was yet another crime and murder spree in South Auckland. A shopkeeper dies and an elderly woman.

The Goverment’s response? Mr Singh killed himself because he ran a bottleshop!

You laugh at my conjecture but how else can you interpret Clark’s deeply insensitive comments about Bottleshops being the cause of crime in South Auckland and her hint demand that parliamanet look into it.

One can only assume she lays the blame of Mr Singh’s death fairly and squarely at him for providing a liquor outlet for his customers to turn on him.

When will the government admit that their vaunted social policies have failed, that crime is out of control in South Auckland and the Police have given up?


  • pdm


    You forgot the fuel companies.

  • Keith

    Hell, while they’re at it, why not shut down all businesses to remove temptation, order citizens to hand over their property to the thugs and punish anybody who stands up to them?

    oh, hang on….

  • Blair

    As opposed as it is to my business interests, the ONLY way to reduce liquor abuse and the proliferation of bottle shops is to allow spirit sales in supermarkets, as they do in most of the rest of the civilised world.

    Unless this is what Clark is planning, I fail to see how reducing the number of shops will reduce the number of customers. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

  • expat

    Its amazing how hulun has found this amazing correlation between crime and easy access to booze by little shites, and in election year, not any one of the 8 previous years.

    Clayton has discovered that the REINZ members are lying weasels.

    Gas companies may be gaming the public on price fluctuations, but we’ll take a thorough look before we decide whether there is enough evidence to suggest a closer look.

    Next we’ll hear that the finance industry in NZ needs a wee bit more pull on the reigns.

    All in election year, not one of the previous 8 years when people have pointed this out.