C**t of the Week – Helen Clark

Who would have thought that when I started C**t of the Week that the second scalp I would get would be none other than Helen Elizabeth Clark.

[quote]Helen Clark is C**t of the WeekA partially sighted Christchurch man with Parkinson’s disease was forced to struggle down the street to his car after Prime Minister Helen Clark’s security commandeered parking spaces.

Clark’s security meant Elizabeth Winkworth was unable to park outside the Christchurch Town Hall to pick up her husband, Marshall Leaf, 81, after a performance by the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra on Friday night last week.[/quote]

How disgusting! This bitch needs to be fricken shot.

Helen Eleizabeth Clark you are C**t of the Week.



  • Monty

    She always has been a first class nasty bitch.  I expect to see her feature on a regular basis as C**t of the week. (She or Cullen are aways safe back-ups should PSB, Cuntliffe, Gollum, Biffer, Jamderton, full moon, the ginga (choose any) fail to make the grade.

    Of course this arrogance has probably lost her two more votes at a time when Labour votes are simply impossible to gain (and all too easy to lose) 

    When will Labour slip below 25%

  • Zutroy

    Most unfortunate, but perhaps you are a little harsh on Helen.


    it was her driver that was inconsiderate, and more out of ignorance than arrogance I suspect. And while it might seem harsh and inegalitarian, the Prime Ministers status in the scheme of things means she does get priority over most things, though it would have been nice if in this case her driver made a 5 min allowance for the Winkworths.


    There may come a time when a National Cabinet minister also inconveniences someone, and I suspect it will happen without the minister knowing what was going on.

  • Lipper

    HEC may be all that we think,

    but in this case perhaps it was SecuriCop the CPO.

    They have a duty to keep her safe and sound.