Greens cop a flogging

The Greens cop a deserved flogging int eh DomPost editorial today for their complete circumvention of the MMP list process.

Remember cynically this party also supported utter partisanship over the changing willy-nilly o the Electoral process with the Electoral Finance Act.

[quote]The appointment of Green Party co-leader Russel Norman as an MP shows that, when push comes to shove, the Greens will put party needs above voter preference and shuffle the deck to deliver the MPs the party wants rather than delivering the ones on the list the public voted for.

It is easy to be sympathetic to the Greens’ plight after the untimely death of former co-leader Rod Donald, and Dr Norman might very well make a fine MP.

However, when the Greens drew up their list for the 2005 election, they decided that he would not make as fine an MP as either Mike Ward or Catherine Delahunty, both of whom were placed above him on the list.[/quote]

What does this sort of list shenanagins by the Greens and Labour mean for the future of MMP? Well the DomPost has an answer and is not one the Greens would like to hear.

[quote]The Greens’ shuffle – and Labour’s mid-term dumping of old list MPs as a way to rejuvenate the party without bothering the ballot counters – simply illustrates the need for MMP to be reviewed and for another referendum to be held on its future.

Opposition leader John Key’s confirmation of National’s commitment to that is welcome.[/quote]



  • Strutta

    Frankly Whale, this is the least of the terrifying things about the Greens. The policies so far promulgated by this party are a recipie for death and destruction, literally. The failed biofuel initiative has resulted in hundreds of millions facing starvation, Their insistance on renewable energy condemns a like number to abject poverty and exposure to the most toxic of pollutants, wood smoke from cooking fires. In addition, the “Social Justce’ wing is hell-bent on crippling all western economies through excessive taxation for the redistribution of wealth.

    What frightens me the most is how these extreme socialists have managed to pollute the minds of our children through the education system.