Key backs election smacking referendum

Key backs election smacking referendumNational leader John Key says if campaigners get enough support to force a referendum on so-called smacking laws, the referendum should be held at this year’s election.
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Joh Key has again snookered Labour over the smacking issue. Firstly he took it off the agenda by supporting the bill but only after labour copped the bashing of its life over it. He got none of the blame and all of the kudos.

Today after Clark came out and said no way to holding the referendum at the election Joh Key has come out and said he can see no reason not to, thus showing Clark the door. She now looks venal and self interested in her decision and he looks honorable and listening to the public, there goes another couple of points off Labour.

John Key once again grabs the moral high ground and leaves Labour and its client-blogs wondering what next?

Moral High Ground

  • Dave

    what would happen if the latest possible date for a referendum date announcement happens BEFORE an election date is announced? How can the referendum be on an  electin day?

    Say the last possible date to announce a referendum – assuming the petitin is valid –  is Sept 23. ( it is) . What if the referendum date was announced on 23 Sept (for a date next year) with the excuse that an election  referendum is not able to be announced cos we dont know what the election date is

    Then the elction date of 8 November  gets announced on Sept 26


  • heavenly.talker


    I would take the when and if issue of referendums more seriously if the government was bound to their outcomes.  The cynic in me though says they are a waste of tax payer time and money. It also acts as distraction to New Zealand’s key issues going forward.  Get the unwashed masses to focus on what level of violence is acceptable in parenting and they will miss the vital issues that face our nation in the next 20 year. The way I see it:

    *Baby boomers

    The engine room of this nation’s prosperity and innovation are about to transition into a well earned retirement.  Super is projected to go from 50% of the current tax take to 100% of the current tax take.  Boomers have put their kids through varsity, are supporting their parents, and were promised that they would be taken care of in their third age.  This leaves our country with a budget balancing problem.


    One possible fix to balance the budget is to get more bums on seats in this country.  However, with Peters raising the same old tired race card, that the narrow minded amongst our numbers react to out of fear and ignorance, and the fact that every other western country is now actively hunting the same migrant punter, NZ is far down the list for best destination to settle.  If we can’t keep and attract our own high flyers, what hope in hell have we got for attracting and retaining other nations best and brightest.  New Zealand is fast becoming a nation where people come to raise their families or to retire.  With child-bearing being delayed and house prices being amongst some of the most unaffordable in the OCED, NZ will soon lose out on this front too.

    Of course, there is research to suggest that it doesn’t really matter where we get our immigrants from, because by the time their kids enter the workforce they are fully productive members of society.  However, then we get worrying research from despots like Dr. Clydesdale that feeds into the bias and fear that immigrants somehow detract from New Zealand’s cultural values and norms and that we should shut the gate on our pacific neighbours.

    *Cultural Change

    Living in Auckland makes it all too easy to forget that much of New Zealand is still quite monocultural  (or bi-cultural) in make-up. Personally I feel much enriched by the blending of cultures that is apparent in Auckland.  What is much more concerning is the underpinning value shifts in our society that are affecting birth rates and family make-up.  Essentially the empowerment of women and girls can do anything movement birthed the misdemeanour that women can do everything.  As a product of this socialisation process, it is only now that I am starting to realise that it doesn’t matter how many opportunities and pathways are freed up to be a fully contributing and valued member of society, opportunity cost and biology still plays a part.  By gaining an education, getting business experience, and having a career, I am faced with the increasing awareness that I actually might have bypassed my child bearing years altogether.  Surely intelligent and capable women are the people that actually should be encouraged to raise families?  A man-drought and a mismatching of single women and single men in terms of education, earning capacity, etc., doesn’t help the situation either.  Anyway, the value shifts of the New Zealand society are a hotbed of social issues that still have not been earmarked as important to the future of our country.  I will get on this soapbox another day ;-)



  • Monty

    Of course because John Key has respect for democratc process, and Clark obviously has no respect for democratic process (First the EFA and now this)even more Labour voters will turn their support to national. I expect to see the Nats increase their support another 2-3 % on the back of this while Clark will drop back to 25%

  • Lipper

    REFEREN-DIDUMS , is this how we spell it when Helen and her Cabal get spanked?