Plenty of Whales

Apparently there are plenty of whales this year.

[quote]More humpback whales have been spotted on their migrational journey through Cook Strait in two days than in two weeks this time last year.[/quote]

Plenty of WhalesI’ve always wondered whether whale tasted good.

I also had this thought the other day when I was winding up some greenpeace collectors. If we started putting endangered species on the menu then they wouldn’t be endangered any more would they, I mean there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of  Beef and Pork and Mutton does there.

Imagine popping down to the supermarket for some free-range Kiwi eggs, some chunks of whale and filets of fur seal, cutlets of turtle etc…..Their survival would be assured and we get to eat more delicious animals.

  • Spanishbride

    Slight problem Whaloil, to farm Whales you would need a bloody HUGE farm.

    You could perhaps treat them like battery hens ( giggle ) you know, one to a tank.

    I bet you could farm kiwis though and free range them. Slight problem though, they are very slow layers BUT you could charge sgwillions per gram like truffles to make it worth while.

  • Spanishbride

    I know I know!!!

    Kentucky fried KIWI!

    You can’t get more NZ than that ;)

  • michaels

    Small problem Bride, we don’t have Kentucky in Kiwi land.
    So maybe something like Kaitia Fried Kiwi? Well they already do, so why not just commercialise it?

  • pdq

    Or Kapiti Fried Centurians for the NZ First vote ;) But that aside, I saw the Orcas off from Island Bay a few weeks back and what a sight!

  • michaels

    Did the evil young Greenpeace collector threaten you with the words “Don’t you care about the planet” when you said no to it?

    I have had a damn good go at 4 of them that have used these words to me, 3 on the North Shore while whistleing my way along the street and one on my doorstep.

    When I rang the fundraising manager to complain it said “I am very sorry but this is not in the training”. So why did 4 of them use the exact same line??!?!?!?

    Screw Greenpeace along with the Greens, both tarnished the same way.

  • Oswald Bastable

    I hear the flesh of marine mammals tastes bloody awful, on account of the high levels of hemoglobin that they all have.

  • barnsleybill

    Charity Mugger. One of those people who stands in the street with a big brightly-coloured bib and quite possibly a clipboard soliticing donations to the Feline Liberation Army or some other worthy cause.

    They are commission only, ask them what there cut is and then ask them how much actually gets to the whale/ climate/ furry wombat..