Prison not the answer…….riiiiighht

Batshit crazyA new Sensible Sentencing Trust has been formed called the “Really Sensible Sentencing Trust” which really means Bat-shit Crazies Hugging Vile Scum Trust.

Soon to be unemployed MP Russell Fairbrother has come up with this crazy scheme. Check out some of his reasoning. Apparently it is all the fault of the market economy.

“Inherent in competition are a small number of winners and a larger number of losers. All the evidence tells us it’s from the losers in this competitive model that we fill our prisons,”

Oh so it wasn’t the fact they stole, raped and bashed?

“We’ve seen the income gap increase as the market economy takes hold, and, with the increase of disadvantage, the prison population grows.”

Uh-huh so let me get this straight, it’s the freaking market thats the problem, allowing people to voluntarily buy and sell causes rape, people only murder when coffee prices aren’t regulated and assaults increase the less the state regulates the price of things.

Wow I bet Muldoon never even thought that one of the unintended positive benefits of  the wage/price freeze was to stop people committing crimes.

I think this is just another case of a desperate Labour MP trying to keep his publicly funded job safe. One other possible scenario exists for this kind of mumbo jumbo, that is they were up late one night pissed as newts playing truth, dare or promise and Fairbrother got dare. They came up with a batshit crazy idea that he had to get into the media….haha….we’re all laughing, Russell wins.

  • Chuck Bird

    For those who want to hear a Labour MP who is giving voters yet another reason not to vote Labour go to

    Then click on Fri Jun 13 11:00

    It will be interesting to see if Paul Holmes asks HC if she supports the views of this Communist.

  • showmethetaxcut

    Unfortunately, pdm is quite right.

    I am a lawyer in Hawkes Bay and we do not want the useless shit back in our profession. The last person he defended before entering Parliament was Dartelle (can’t remember his surname – think it was Elder) who deliberately ran over the Wellington lady out jogging on Stock Road south of Flaxmere and had his way with her and smashed her skull open till she died.

    Russell’s plea in mitigation at the sentencing was to the effect that Dartelle was culturally disadvantaged for which he was rightly mocked and lamblasted locally.

  • pdm

    For those that don’t know him, prior to becoming an MP Fairbrother was a Napier Lawyer who specialised in defending the major league criminals of Hawkes Bay – the murderers, rapists, thugs and theives. 

    I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume that almost all of his clients received legal aid therefore Fairbrother has been `sucking on the taxpayers tit’ for most, if not all, of his life.

    The country will be well rid of him from Parliament when he is finally `kicked out’ this year. Lets not forget he lost the previously very safe Labour seat of Napier in 2005. But, unfortunately he will no doubt go back to defending the indefensible at our cost.

  • pdm

    I just heard Fairbrother on NewstalkZB about this. He made little sense and even Kerre Woodham got stuck into him a couple of times and told him he was talking rubbish.

    Someone with the skills can probably provide a link – interview time was about 11.20 I think.

  • mawgxxxxiv

    That is just plain stupid,socialist hand wringing. The prison population of this country is under 10,000. There are a damn site more low income workers and beneficiaries than that. Under Fairbrothers logic the prison population would be more like 100,000.

    Criminals aren’t victims of a right wing conspiracy they are lazy thugs without the gumption to get ahead by hard work like the rest of us.