Send the Bill to Hubbard

Pricey tree dies after less than a yearOne of 48 nikau palms gracing the $43.5 million upgrade of Queen St has died less than a year after being planted.
The cause of death remains a mystery but the contractor responsible for the native palms, Stuart Barton of the Specimen…
[Auckland News]

One of the much vaunted and hyped and exensive nikau’s has croaked in Queen Street. Recompense should be sought from Hubbard, it was his dumb idea anyway.

He is soon to be flush with cash after putting his dodgy cereal business on the market. I hope the new owners simply ditch the brand and then no longer will I have to rummage past their products to get the one I really want.

  • Whaleoil

    Bet those jobs go straight out the door….all he ever did was one triple bottom line bullshit exercise and cough for some cheap fairs to Samoa and that’s about it.

    So off the backs of the workers he pockets $30 million…good on him but don’t come here thinking he did it for some sort of altruistic “help the poor” reason. He did it for himself.

    No problems with that but his job as Mayor was one that could be described as “inept”.

  • itsatrap

    I know it is convenient to paint Hubbard as a pinko commie, but you need to consider that he stood as an independent Mayoral candidate and inherited a coalition of left-wing councilors. The Mayor only has one vote at council, so he has to work with the dominant faction (regardless of their political orientation).

    Quite frankly I’m impressed that Hubbard got anything done at all as Mayor when you consider the people he was required to work with.

    As an aside, I think you are understating what the man has achieved in business. In addition to building Hubbard Foods from scratch, he was the founding chairman for the NZ Businesses for Social Responsibility organisation, was awarded an honorary doctorate for his contributions to NZ business, and has an ONZM for services to business. Those aren’t small achievements .

  • pdm

    If Hubbard pockets $30m plus as indicated above he will have lost another of his friends – Cullen. He is now indisputedly a `RICH PRICK’!!!!

  • heavenly.talker

    [quote=pdm] He is now indisputedly a `RICH PRICK’!!!![/quote]

    More power to him I say!  Self-made inspite of his left-leaning tendencies.  Right wingers rejoice, he has kept many socio-economically vulnerable gainfully employed for years.  This means less of our tax dollars are being spent on the dole!

  • coge

    Was up there last weekend, & none of those Nikaus looked to be healthy or thriving. A terrible location to plant these very fine trees.

  • Zutroy

    It wasn’t Hubbard’s dumb idea. It was some council staff members dumb idea, or more probably, some landscape architect’s dumb idea who was contracted to council for the project.

    That being said, Hubbard made a fool of himself over the issue.

  • itsatrap

    I read your link. It appears that Hubbard is about to walk away with $30-40 million dollars from the sale of his privately owned company, having created jobs for 124 staff in an economically depressed region (South Auckland).

    It seems quite clear to me that New Zealand needs more men like Hubbard. He is an entrepreneur with courage, ability, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

  • Whaleoil

    What are ya his bloody mad wife…..Hubbard is a Labour Party stooge and a friend of Helen…he was put up to the mayoralty and supported and assisted by Labour…..he was their patsy but was so inept even they bailed on him.

  • itsatrap

    I’m not his wife! And neither am I a Labour supporter (I can’t stand the bastards).

    I’m just a businessman who is impressed (and slightly jealous) of what Hubbard has achieved in business.

    I don’t agree with your accusation that Hubbard was a Labour candidate. Like John Banks, Hubbard stood as an independent and financed his own campaign.

    Was he friends with Helen? Possibly … I don’t really know. But I expect he had to maintain good relations with central government in order to secure funding for Auckland’s infrastructure development projects. What would be his alternative? Rely on Judith Tizard?