Shane Jones calls Katherine Rich a Witch

A way back I called Katherine Rich a sook for quitting, Rodney Hide told me today I should apologise. However today I heard Shane Jones on NewstalkZB and he hadn’t even been going for 30 seconds and he started insulting National MP’s. Firstly it was Tau Henare and then Katherine Rich.

Listen as Shane Jones calls Katherine Rich a witch, not once but several times.

UPDATE: Rodney txted me and said I haven’t said sorry yet…ok Sorry Katherine, sheesh will Rodney leave me alone now???

  • mygumboot

    I don’t think Shane made a slip of the tounge at all, while he shoots his mouth off alot this time I think he was just trying to be witty, but he is only halfway there.

    His comment about coming from Awanui and Kaitaia and fighting for the Labour party said it all. No mention of fighting for the bros’ up north or even for the people of NZ just fighting for the left wing, pinkco, marxist Labour party.

  • elvisfan45

    Whaleoil, you are a dick. Shane Jones made a slip of the tongue. It’s plainly obvious. You didn’t add that he went on to say “I’m sorry Katherine I don’t really think you are a witch”. Why don’t you get out of your PJs in your parents’ garage and do some real blogging rather than insulting people without justification?  

  • Gazza4D


    You know, that’s the business Shane Jones is in. One slip of the tounge makes political fodder for your rivals, it’s just the vibe… of the thing.


    And I’d also like to point out that insulting someone and taking them to task for insulting someone else are two different things.


    Perhaps it is you who should lay off the insults.

  • David Coverdale

    Whale this post stank even more than the rest of your posts. I wasn’t sure that was possible, but there it is. Do you really sit at the computer salivating over taking an immediately-corrected slip of the tongue entirely out of proportion? Sad, sad man.

    Still, if you’re going to quote Labour MPs so badly out of context I guess you just forfeited your right to complain when people do that to National. [Spoiler alert: Whaleoil hypocrisy imminent…]

    Oh and that was a real genuine apology to Katherine Rich, too. She’ll be smiten at the sincerity just oozing off the screen.

  • showmethetaxcut

    I seem to recall a certain Labour MP for Central Auckland kicking up merry hell in Parliament to an insinuation that she was a witch and should “get on her broomstick”.