Labour and the Greens lie like flatfish

Liberty Scott fisks well and truly the Government and Greens lines about the RUC issues in particulat the lie that this is the first increase in 18 years. A bigger lie could not have benn told in the pathological attack on the truckers.

Almost all of the Greens attack lines come froma  discredited report that was so full of holes that MoT were thinking of selling it to MFish as a fishing net.

Meanwhile in Auckland Central the left goes feral on itself. RAM candidate Oliver Woods has attacked the missing in action Associate Transport Minister, What’s her face…. uhmmmm…. rhymes with Lizard…..oh yeah…Tizard.

It is good to see Oliver pick up my line of the absentee Labour MP Tongue out

[quote]”Aucklanders are going to struggle to get into and out of the city, and even get to work and school tomorrow because of a sadistic Government decision to increase road user charges that is causing a truckers blockade tomorrow,” said Oliver Woods.[/quote]

  • Lipper

    Just been reading through the many comments in the Herald online, regarding the opinions of the Truckers Protest.

    The pro Truckers lobby seem quite angry and hurt.

    The anti Truckers lobby seem to quote statistics on statistics. With variations on emotion. From a bit narked to cold fish.

    Just wonder how many of the Labour functionaries are spending time in a huge damage limitation exercise by trying to justify the rushed and vindictive RUC increases.

    In an attempt to retain voter support, they are obviously spending hours trying to push the tide back.

    Too late, way too late.

    NZ has made it’s mind up.

    I would be very hesitant to be so certain on a second or third term.

    This is is a fourth term attempt, and statistically very low odds of success. There will always be a circa 20% retained support for Labour come calling day.

    That is a lot of professional politicians looking for a job.

    Guess there is always the Railway!! Toot Toot, All aboard for South Sodor.

  • Lipper

    Completely off topic.

    The young lady who sole her story to the media about her encounter at the Hilton was one story.

    Details released yesterday by Chapman Tripp to the Media, about an 18 year old being violated by 4 White Orcs on steroids is another sad story.

    I simply wonder what anybody thinks about retiring to a Hotel with any Rugby Club on Tour is going to end up like? Especially so far away from home.

    Cocao, biscuits, and Tiddly Winks.

    Not defending or accusing anybody, but it has a certain deja vu!

  • Cactus Kate

    A more important question Whale – why wasn’t the National Party candidate for Auckland Central plastering herself all over your video footage next to Maurice Williamson and behind Rodney Hide?

    Opportunity lost as I know I have been out of NZ for a bit but I would have thought Queen Street was still the main trunkline of the Auckland Central electorate!

  • Lipper

    The constant justification from the Labour/Green camp is that Trucks eat up the roads and are real polluters.

    All Trucks are being regulated towards Euro 5 emissions standard. This is very good news for everyone.

    As for the roading surface, think that trucks pay a fair old whack already, and let’s not forget that other road users benefit from a coherent, and efficient logistics industry.

    The Tinkermen/women at Policy Unit/Diversity Central have no concept of commercial reality.

    What is more. With the YOUNGEST locomotive being over 20 years old, I would like to know what conversion work the FailRail organisation is going to ensure that these ugly old inefficient diesel monsters are at least level on Euro 5 emissions. The same as they are insisting on for the Truckers.

    Or it will be further hypocricy, and dangerous to all our health and well being

  • Awarua2008

    King is adopting the classic old line of “I’m in charge, I know what’s best” adopted by such luminaries as Maurice McTigue, Merv Wellington, and Bob Lizard. So out of touch, it’s no wonder Ray can get away with so much in HB.