PM says Key weakest link

Helen Clark is the weakest linkPM says Key weakest linkPrime Minister Helen Clark says Don Brash had presence and authority. She also speaks warmly of former National leaders Bill English (“never take him lightly, he’s a clever man”), Jenny Shipley and Jim Bolger.
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Helen Clark continues her attacks on John Key lending increasing creedence to the claim by some that the election is imminent.

My hope is that Helen Clark continues these smears and attacks as it is not helping her. Her focus groups seem to be out of whack right now. From the outside it appears that it is Clark and not Key that is using Crosby Textor scripts.

She even lies again about the Truckies protest spinning yet again that they are subsidised. Not even Annette “Full Moon” King is running that line anymore. Further the truckies weren’t complaining about having to pay it they were complaining about the lies of Annette “Full Moon” King in telling them they would get advance warning.

I still say the election is imminent and the more Clark steps up her attacks the more inclined I am to believe it.Zemanta Pixie

  • Strutta

    I see the next catch phrase Labour is going to use is “Don’t be fooled by John Key’s nice-guy image.” Helen Clark hints at that idea in the article WO has noted while the same was used by Liz Gordon in her column in the Press on Saturday.

  • coge

    Here we have Helen “Tokyo Rose” Clark.

    “Don’t you righties know all your ships are sunk? How will you ever get home? you orphans of the Pacific.”

  • Monty

    Clark in her now delusional and unstable mindset has taken to given compliments to people that she has hated in the Past. Now that Key is the in fact going to evict her from Level 9, all that hate and fury has been and will be directed straight at John Key.

    She is becoming more unstable by the day.

  • Zutroy

    Lads lads, let’s be happy that Helen thinks Key is the weakest link.

    The more fool her.

  • expat

    What will happen first, the election OR hulun getting rolled by Goff?

  • michaels

    The election. Clarks balls are the biggest in that camp.

  • michaels

    My memory must be failing me again. I don’t remember Clark ever saying a nice thing about Bill, infact quite the opposite. And as far as Don Brash goes, wasn’t it she that called him those nasty “C” words? One just has to love it when she loses the plot.

  • coge

    Oh, Helen…What ever happened to the good old days?