Russell crawls out of Pork Chop's rolls

In a desperate attempt to talk about anything other than Winston Raymond Peters or Labour’s continuing poor poll results and after having run out of his Mum’s favourite recipes using lamb chops Russell Brown has decided to have a flick at me about my coverage of She Who Must Not Be Named.

Of course all the luminaries and erudite readers of his “blog” have weighed in but they all neglect to observe the salient point that Russell Brown reads my blog.

They also missed the point that Russell refuses to link to my blog despite that being blog courtesy but brazenly links to Stinky Pit’s blog about how she hates men, Christians, Barnsley Bill and me and would like to see right to life campaigners killed.

When I pointed this out to Russell, he blithely says that it is ok because he doesn’t think the other blog is real…..oh good oh, link to bile and filth because you think it isn’t real, good god almighty these leftist lickspittles and apologists are good with the weasel words aren’t they?

So it is official, Russell Brown the great media doyen and official (in the eyes of the lefties) blogosphere king really does believe IT IS OK to support violence and murder and death threats, if YOU don’t think it is real. Nice one Russell, I wonder if the anti-violence folk know about your little admission of hypocrisy.

  • barnsleybill

    I think the stinky pit freak has done us all a favour and topped itself.

  • Cactus Kate

    Looks like Russell “The drooping” Love Muscle has his man-boobies in a knot again.

    The derivation of “Pork Chop” was not from the VRWC blogging community, but from the husband of an A-lister in Auckland who is considerably more famous and fabulous than Russell (the husband and the wife).

  • Katy

    Russell has missed the point, which is:

    Journalists, even gossip columnists, have an obligation to FACT CHECK before they publish anything in the MMM, as people tend to believe whatever they read.

    People should not be able to bully web-hosting companies into considering shutting down blogs just because said people do not like the comments made about them- despite the fact that said people are ACTIVELY seeking out a PUBLIC PROFILE by calling MMM and offering fictional stories about themselves as ‘FACT’.

    So I am behind Whaleoil 100% as this is about TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY and its a real shame that some people can’t see that.

    I’m a bit suprised at RB to be honest.