The Set-up

Today Craig Foss shows us the set-up of David Cunliffe.

Craig asked twice of minister Cunliffe whether he had any correspondence “from 1 January 2007 to 27 February 2008, between the Minister and other Cabinet Ministers, regarding the appointment of a commissioner to the Hawkes Bay DHB.”

Minister Cunliffe, remember he’s the one running the show now, responded that “no such correspondence was received by my office or exists” and then in a second letter that “I have consequently declined your request for copies of all correspondence”.

Hang on, firstly the correspondence didn’t exist and now he declined to release them citing provisions that protect Cabinet ministers. These two letters cannot exist together and be true, yet Cunliffe wrote them on the same day. Who is Cunliffe covering for? Which letter is true? Why is Cunliffe lying?

Cunliffe in cover up mode

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  • Strutta

    While I applaud Foss’ efforts, Cunliff is one of the few Labour MPs to show some cajones. Therefore he must go! Surely most would agree that once National gets into power, the last thing they need is an MP in opposition that can argue forceably?

    For all those on my side of the aisle, please remember how important it is to have a strong opposition to remind the government of the day that they are there to serve the people….i.e. US

  • expat

    you mean he has a set of testicles and isnt gay and can see his own dick. while unique in labour doesnt mean he shouldnt be strungup.