Tut, tut over Tui's take on Peters

Tui billboard in TaurangaTut, tut over Tui’s take on PetersA Tui billboard saying “When Winston says no, he means no – Yeah, right” has brought a warning that it may breach the Electoral Finance Act.
The billboard is in the Tauranga electorate Winston Peters is desperate to win, and the…
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How ridiculous is an Act that regulates satire?

Very ridiculous is what it is. Tui is getting a letter from the Electoral Commission about its billboards, there’s six of them now. about Winston Raymond Peeters and his defnition of no.

Good to see the MSM catching up with the blogosphere. WOBH revealed the billboards on Tuesday and today is Friday so a good three days before the MSM.

This is yet another of the ever growing list of predictions that DPF, John Boscawen and I raised when opposing the EFA. Every single prediction has come true. The law is an ass, and a knackered ass at that.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    Don’t we just love irony!

    If you look closely at the words on the Tui Bill Board, they can really only be considered to be neutral.

    Very clever wordplay in the English language, and typical of the captivating campaign that the brewery have sustained for some 10 years!

    Would it be WP complaining?

    To be fair, Tui doesn’t have the same kick as Scotch!

    Unless it is a chaser.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    Just occurs to me that if this series of Billboards is deemed to be ‘illegal’.

    Then, given the WP shenanigans, and those of the Labour Party. It would seem to be appropriate that there are independent observers brought in to verify that the forthcoming election is deemed to be true and fair.

    Banana Republic in the making.


  • 3rdparty

    Saw this Tui Billboard on a sojourn Via M’tanok

    “I sold those Tranzrail shares already – already”

    Kol’nidre when!