Winston Raymond Peters

I watched Winston Peters on the news tonight and I saw his denials that he has misled the public. Winston uses the excuse that people have donated to “legal cases”.

So let’s look at the legal case that Owen Glenn’s money revolves around. Remember Winston Peters says that the donation wasn’t to HIM it was to the legal case.

Well the determination of the court (CIV-2005-470-000719) seems fairly certain that the petitioner in the case was one WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS and that the respondent in the case was Robert Moncreiff Clarkson.

Therefore it is beyond any shadow of a doubt that the case in question was in fact undertaken by Brian Henry on the instructions of WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS, not someone else, not an amorphous description such as “the legal case”, it was and remains a case taken by WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS.

It therefore follows that any penalties, costs, legal fees and awards of costs by the Court against the petitioner would be incurred by the aforesaid WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS. In point of fact the award of costs against WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS for the amount of $40,000 were awarded to the respondent.

Again the only conclusion you can reach is that contrary to what WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS says to any reporter that the donation would appear to not be to a “legal case” it surely would have been to and for the private financial benefit of WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS in order to discharge his costs, his penalties and the costs awarded against WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS?

WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS was also a minister and a Member of Parliament at this time

and has failed to declare any gift as required by law, not in 2006, nor 2007 nor 2008. Therefore WINSTON RAYMOND PETERS is really in a rather difficult spot of bother despite his obfuscations.

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  • boomtownprat

    Surely the IRD will be interested in this quite significant amount of income for personal use?

  • Inventory2

    Oh dear. How sad. Never mind. Now, what was that that Helen Clark said about accountability in her administration?

  • Monty

    Will he last the week? I cannot see how Clark can retain this liar as her Minister of Foreign Affairs. There simply is no choice for the bitch but to get rid of the prick, and at the same time sign her own death warrant – oh the delicious irony.

    But my guess is that Winston and the bitch will try and tough it out. and in the process both will sink below the margin of error.

  • michaels

    Oh Monty Monty Monty….
    Sadly yes he will.
    He may well get bitch slapped (probably already has) in the back room, however the Doctor is on her way here and who would want to fuck that one up??? Especially when Winnie has this little fantacy dream about her!!!