Clark attacks Nats' roading plans

Clark attacks Nats’ roading plansPrime Minister Helen Clark has attacked National’s plans for several large toll road projects, saying they will hit the wallets of ordinary New Zealanders. [3 News Politics]

Helen Clark has come out on attack against National’s roading plans, a sure fire sign that she thinks they are sensible and that popel will like them.

She reckons that it will hit people in the pocket. Of course she neglects to observe that her regional fuel taxes are and will hit everyone in the pocket even if they do not use the roads and public transport that the taxes are used to fund.

For example a regional fuel tax hits voters in Howick everytime they fill their car up even though they can’t possible even catch a train from Howick to anywhere. A regional fuel tax hits voters in Manurewa in the pocket even though they may not ever drive through the tunnel under her electorate that cost a billion more than necessary because Helen didn’t want a road.

User pays toll roads are far more effective and fairer than a Regional Fuel Tax. The user of the service pays for it as they use it. Of course Helen Clark would just rather tax the bejesus out of you, but she doesn’t have the honesty to admit it.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    Helun attacking a National policy.

    Well I never!


  • targui

    How dumb, Williamson shooting his mouth off without thinking, he has always been
    a sub standard politician, rated way over his ability. The National party would
    be better shot of him. While some level of Road tolls is inevitable, it would take
    a political flea to come out at this stage and put a probably inflated costing on

  • Michael Ellis

    I drove about 220km on a European highway and paid a toll of about $9 – only took two hours as speed limit was 120km/h.

    I drove the reverse direction on the old highway as I wanted to see some of the attractions on the way back – would have been twice as long travel time and an extra $5 of fuel – so if I was making the trip only to get to the original departure point the $9 would make sense.