NBR interview contradicts Privilege Committee testimony

The bizarre saga of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode and his fool lawyer Brian Henry just got more interesting.

Ben Thomas has published the transcript of an interview with Brian Henry conducted a few weeks ago. It is clear from this interview that Brian Henry fabricated the evidence he presented to the privileges Committee, either that or he fabricated the information he told Ben Thomas.

BT: And in the Peters and Clarkson case who paid the costs ordered to Clarkson on that?
BH: Sh–, I couldn’t tell off the top of my head. I couldn’t answer at the moment.

Whoopsy!…..he couldn’t remember who paid a cheque for $40,000!! then a couple of weeks later suddenly remembers it was him, like anyone is going to believe that.

The rest of the transcript is completely farcical.

  • michaels

    I am tired of this. Are Winnie and Henry brothers? Oh no, that’s right, blood brothers.
    The transcript is a joke, sounds just like Winnie was answering.
    Enough is enough now. It’s time the SFO move ahead as talking means shit and no answers AT ALL
    are coming forth. And the IRD need to do over Henry, and the law society.

  • Lindsay

    This story has had more plot twists than an Alfred Hitchcock movie and it ain’t finished yet..