Quote of the Day – Rodney Hide

Rodney again was putting the heat on Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode in the House today. Here is one of his questions that he asked.

Rodney Hide: Would the Minister consider, with his vast experience of foreign affairs and the finance of political parties, that it would be a backwards step in a Pacific nation if a political leader and Minister were to deny ever receiving a donation when the newspaper in the capital city said that that member’s party did, and when, given the opportunity in the nation’s Parliament, the member refused to repeat the denial, because we have learnt from this experience in this far-flung nation of the Pacific that “No” means “Yes”, “Yes” means “No”, and he is an “Alice in Wonderland”?

Brilliant! Buy yourself another yellow coat.

  • reid

    I wonder if Muldoon would look at Peters with approval or disappointment.

    Winston has no integrity at all, whereas Rob oozed it, in his own way.

    Winston’s a very hollow man, and I suspect, in for a huge disappointment in the coming election.