Ugly Celebs

Remember the Aussie joke about it being funny that our Prime minister has a girls name? Well they go one step further now.

On Ninemsn’s site in celebration of World Youth day held recently in Sydney they have posted of the Ugliest Celebs to remind us that God’s creatures come in all shapes and sizes.

Amy Winehouse is number 1

Kelly Osbourne is number 8

There is Camiila Parker-Bowles-Windsor at number 9

Number 12 is Uncle Helen just edging out The Pgoues frontman Shane McGowan

Michael Jackson is number 18

  • Chuck Bird

    Cam, have you forgot – her husband finds her sexy.

  • lechaudlapin

    How repulsive.

  • michaels

    Amy Winehouse may well be ugly and have as many drug issues as Winnie does legal ones, but at least she has an amazing voice…. What’s Klark got???

  • WraithX

    I see they have stolen the items from lists on MY site. The pertinent lists are:

    Listverse is a kiwi owned and run site. Support me – not aussies!

    For the record – Helen Clark is number 3 on my ugly women list – if you look at it you will see that number 2 and 1 do beat her – looks-wise – maybe not personality-wise.

  • nigel201065

    I’m sorry Micheals but I have to disagree with you over Amy wHinehouse she is a talentless hack who is the product of a sick joke by some music exec’s who must be laughing into their cornflakes every morning at everyone stupid enough to listen to this crack whore

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    This is our venerable Leader.

    How dare the Aussies have a go?

    And yet she finds herself in a situation where quite a few Women find her ever so attractive.

    Just love it when an ugly duckling, and then Duck. Get what is right, and proper.

    No 12 on a revolting scale of ugliness!

    Go on Helun, give us a bit more legislation to control us all.

    Control Freakery is obviously an aphrodisiac!


  • nigel201065

    My God and I was starting to think I was the only one who found that untalented hack Amy Winehouse ugly, but only number 12 for Hulen I’m sure if this was a NZ only poll she could get higher

  • quadparty

    The list was counting down, not counting up – ugly no. 1 was Marty Feldman…