First-past-the-post tops poll

First-past-the-post tops pollFirst-past-the-post would win by a nose over MMP if there was a contest between the two systems today. A Herald -DigiPoll survey asked respondents which of FPP, MMP or “something else” they would choose if there was a referendum… [NZ Herald Politics]

The shenanigins of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List Mp of no fixed abode and proven liar may have finally dealt a death blow to MMP. The Herald reports that people are now considering a return to First Past the Post rather than have government dictated to by poodle parties.

That is a shame because I don’t want a return to FPP, rather I would like to see a more refined approach to proportional representation. I preferred STV in the first referendum.

Nevertheless only a party vote for ACT or National can guarantee you a referendum on our polling system as they are the only parties promising the people a direct say on how we vote.

  • vogan

    I would strongly oppose STV because everybody’s second choice (Peter Dunne) would get a stack of seats. No thank you. SM is what I support which would give some representation to minor parties but not too much.

  • Blair

    A return to first past the post would be fine if we had flexible electorates that people could enrol in or out of as they pleased, rather than ones strictly based on geography. That way we would keep proportionality.

    Oh, and a Senate/Legislative Council would be nice.