Google Reveals Winston's deceit for all to see

Google has a great feature on the News Search page. If for example you search news for Winston Peters then they give you a quote at the top of the results, there is a link to see more quotes and that is where you get to see all of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode’s lies and obfuscations, page after page of them.

Do the same for Helen Clark. It is very, very interesting when seen all together.

When you see all of these quotes one is left with no other impression other than it is Helen Clark that is behind all of the vitriol against the Serious Fraud Office and raises the questions about what it is that she is hiding.

With a little more heat we should shortly find out that our Prime Minister is a crook as well.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    Can’t wait for the, sorry it was an administrative error that stalled the donation of 158k to charities.

    Only to find out later that alledgedly WRP had used the money at Karaka, trying to raise some much needed capital!

  • The Prophet

    Shit, what a hoot. The Winston quotes are Kiwi classics.

    Timeline please Whale from Feb or when ever it first came up this time round.