Labour's fave poll delivers yet another rogue

The TV3 poll is the Prime minister’s favourite and for some reason always adds about 5 points to the true support Labour scrapes together.

Tonight however the poll delivers another rogue result. For some reason all of the polls right now are rogue.

National extends its lead by 2 to 13 points and Labour and it’s Axis partners continue to sink

National up 1% to 49%
Labour down 1% to 36%
Greens down 1% to 5%
Winston First steady on 3%
Maori Party steady on 2%
ACT steady on 2% (three seats)
United Future is toast

It is a pity to see the Greens, the only honourable party of the left being dragged down by Labour. If anything the more honorable supporters of Labour should be abandoning the Labour First Axis and throwing their weight behind the Greens in order to give them more sway in Opposition after the election.

The honorable and honest Maori Party looks set to deliver 7 seats to the party and hold the balance of power. This is a good thing.


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