Labour's hands in cookie jar again

Outrage over Labour’s taxpayer-funded brochuresNational are claiming that Labour has its finger back in the public purse to help spread its message in the lead-up to this election. [3 News Politics]

The lead item on TV3 News was Labour once again rorting election laws and dipping their grasping clutching hands into the taxpayers till to fund their re-election.

What was a small story two weeks ago in the Herald has today blown up massively in the face of the government. The public will not tolerate such blatent theft of public monies.

Once National is elected they must urgently set up an Independent Commission against Corruption to go back to at least 2002 and look at all parties but especially Labour and NZ First to assertain the extent of their theft and rorts of the public purse.

We must now also review the amounts of money that our politicians spend and open up Parliamentary Service to full transparency by bring it into the OIA framework.

The public funding of political parties must be brought to an end.

  • Lindsay

    Labour are really being hurt by all the well deserved negative publicity. Today has been one bad story after another where they cannot get any traction at all.

    I have no doubt Clark and company are stuffed now and there is no way back for them.

  • OECD rank 22 kiwi

    Labour up to its old CORRUPT tricks again. What a surprise, not!

  • Palindrome

    Just listened to Darren Hughes with Gerry Brownlee on Morning Report re the senior citizens send out.
    Brownlee had Hughes completely knocked out by the finish,Hughes was just babbling.
    Hughes said that to keep expenses down he got Labor Party members to deliver them !!!!
    Will I( a 65 year old) get a copy of that in the safe Clutha-Southland electorate or is it that Hughes gets it in his highly marginal Otaki seat.
    Does that not consitute electioneering and illegal use of the baubles of office ?
    How many Labor party MP’s electoral agents will be donkey deep in campaigning. I thought electoral agents were employed by the State Services Commission and were “supposedly” neutral.