Our new billboard

We have today launched our new billboards. The first was erected in auckland on Ponsonby Road. tomorrow will be the launch of our Wellington Billboard and there is one more to go up in Tauranga.

Labour First

This Election is about Trusts

  • first time caller

    ooowwwhhh beeeaaauuutifullll

  • reid

    You should have put it up in Sandringham…


    perhaps it should say ” its all about trysts!!”

  • Zutroy

    Just brilliant!

  • Robin Hoodie

    Love it to death!

    But hasn’t John Key personally brought down the whole banking system?

    Gandalf from St Heliers is always on the ‘Your Views’ section of the NZH.

    That person is still claiming that everything Labour have done is brilliant, and National can’t be trusted.

    A surefire Spinmeister from the 9th floor.

    They certainly won’t like this!

    How very dare people stand up to the witch Helen!

  • pdq

    Just awesome. Was that picture taken in the Cook Islands? Oh, and does Helen appear to have a penis afterall? I don’t often look “there” but ….. well …. errr