Secret National Party conference tape leaked

Secret National Party conference tape leakedAnother secret tape recording from the National Party’s annual conference has made its way into the media. Political editor Barry Soper says the tape is of the party’s deputy leader Bill English talking about winning the election… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour should really get around to releasing some policy rather than worry that Bill English thinks you should fight like hell to win an election.

Oh and the leaker better come clean soon before it gets embarrassng.

  • Nick C

    Do you have any ideas who this is Whaleoil? That last line sounds like a bit of a threat.

    Either way i bet Clark knows exactly who this is, and that they have more. Thats why at the start of the campaign the election is all about trust, even though the Winston Peters saga was still ongoing at the time.

  • Peter Wiseman

    I have heard from a mate in Wellington the best tape is racist comments from JK, coming about 3 days before the election.
    Something about dealing with the dumb maoris and pacific islanders being useless lay abouts.

    Could be a big bang or a vote winner.

  • Whaleoil

    I know exactly who it is and in good time for maximum damage he will be revealed.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    The next Government will use exactly the same tactics as the current one. Seems to work very well indeed.

    These ‘snidey’ recordings , and policy leaks by Labour are indicative of how low Labour will go.

    So National got throttled back on tax cuts because of Cullen’s wastrel spending on crappy railways, and bloated Government.

    Still at least National have ruled out working with the ‘Prince of Darkness’.

    Labour obviously have the same values, and ethics.

  • Nick C

    Dont forget, Helen Clark has denied knowing who did this. If that turns out to be a lie her party is fucked

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    What I really fail to understand is that Labour seem so proud to have done this, and also releasing National policies.

    Then the glee of the MSM, is hard to figure!

    When National win, one of their first jobs has to be to cleanse the media of Labour Worms!

  • Harpoon

    GM, how precisely do you think a National-led government should go about such a ‘cleasing’?

    Also, it baffles me that you don’t understand why journalists enjoy writing and broadcasting news stories; what else do you think they should be doing, and how do you propose to force them to do it?

  • michaels

    Why is it you have to log in to see the latests posts???????
    I just wrote………

    And one Mr. Duncan Gardner…… is he a paid up member of the Labour party?
    Was it 3 yes THREE times tonight he said on the news… more to come???
    Yet he doesn’t know where this dirt comes from….
    I wonder if the podgy little fuck head did it himself.

  • Dogmelon

    You’re right michaels, duncan garner is paid up member of the labour party. You can see and hear the glee in his face and in his voice whenever there is a something he deems worthy of putting the boot into National over. Its pathetic, I’ve had to resort to changing the channel between 1 and 3 news in order to filter out the pro labour/government propaganda stories.