John Key announces he has numbers to govern

John Key announces he has numbers to governPrime Minister elect John Key has announced the formation of a National-led centre-right government. At a joint press conference with ACT leader Rodney Hide today, Mr Key announced he had formally NZ Herald Politics]

After just one week of negotiations we have a government. With the absence of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemployed of no fixed abode and proven liar we get a clean result.

National and Act have formally agreed to work to support each other and together with the Maori Party and some plonker from Wellington have secure 70 out of the 122 seats in parliament.

That is a convincing mandate to govern and one that has the leftists scratching their heads as John Key’s shock and awe campaign on the body politic continues.

Minsterial and Policy Positions

Maori Party

Dr Sharples will become Maori Affairs Minister as well as as Associate Education Minister and Associate Corrections Minister.
Tariana Turia will be Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector, Associate Health Minister and Associate Social Development Minister.

Both party leaders’ posts are outside of Cabinet with the right to dissent on other policy issues outside portfolio areas.

National has also agreed not to remove the Maori seats without the consent of Maori and to a review of the Foreshore and Seabed Act.


Rodney Hide will be appointed Minister of Local Government, Minister for Regulatory Reform and Associate Minister of Commerce.
Heather Roy will be Minister of Consumer Affairs and Associate Minister of Defence and Education.

National and Act’s agreement was based on the common goals of reining in government spending and boosting economic growth. Three main policy concessions were made to accomodate ACT. Focus on growth to claw back the gap between incomes in Australia and New Zealand, Review of the Emmissions Trading Scheme and implementation of ACT’s three strikes crime policy.

  • vogan

    The Act agreement shows some issues where there might some tension such as insisting on membership of Cabinet Expenditure Control Committee and 48 hours notice.  Dr Sharples needs to be on that Committee as well if he does not want any surprises.  Douglas is going to be a problem no doubt about that but the Maori Party deal will help neutralise that.  If Douglas represented the “majority” then he would exploit that but he is not the majority so he can be marginalised, if he does not want to be a team player.  But the Chair of FEC would be a good place for him, his experience is an asset to the Government and it must be used effectively.

  • Monty

    Labour’s Nightmare – Key is proving himself to be a most astute Prime Minister – and one we can trust – Ex-Prime Minister will hate the prospect of the party she built in her image not seeing the reins of power for at least 9 years and maybe 12.