Rodney's jacket illegal

The farcical nature of the Electoral Finance Act has again been brought to the fore and in the last week of the election campaign.

Rodney Hide has received a leter from the Electoral Commission telling him that his jacket breaches the draconian and increasingly bizarre Electoral Finance Act.

Rodney has said he won’t comply.

The act must be tossed out along with the parties that supported it.

  • Friend on the board

    That means that Helen should remove her red blouse.

    Now that is a scarry thought. Rumour has it the chest hairs are growing through the undergarments. I actually know someone who had that problem with both the singlet and their socks. Both had to be cut off.

    Duncan Garner should be sanctioned for his red tie.

    While on branded clothing. why has no one picked up that Helen opened the election with her with surrender flag – sorry suit.

  • vogan

    And Helen’s red jackets and John Key’s blue ties.  How stupid can someone get.

  • Robin Hoodie

    Actually Rodneys jacket should be banned! But not until after the election. Labour are probably going to try and stop any other government being formed by pressing the point about Rodney, wilfully wearing that jacket?