If you go out on the streets tonight….

Howling at the MoonYou’re in for a big suprise.

Well that is if you subscribe to Annette “Commonsense” King’s point of view and certain tow-truck operators that tonight with the full moon (and not only that, the biggest full moon possible), mayhem and carnage will occur on our streets.

Add in the warm summer evening and there is sure to be some killings, especially in South Auckland.

I doubt that Judith Collins would subscribe to such battiness.

You have been warned!.

  • SweetDisorder

    did you see how bright it was last night, like a bloody street light!!  Still, anything that makes the mossies head away from me outside on the deck and toward the light, the better

  • writingright

    while I still belive King was saying a whole load of nonsense, it is freaky that I should have been savagely beaten up in the early hours of this morning & I read this blog entry just after I arrive back home from hospital!


    a bit of a freaky coincidence =P