Herald editor wants National to break its promises

Editorial : Cut tax and you must cut spending tooOur economics editor explained on Monday that New Zealand is going through two recessions, the first a domestic correction of house prices and private debt, the second a contraction of export markets in much larger economies that… [NZ Herald Politics]

There is one thing that the Kiwi public hate more than anything else it is politicians who break their promises. As the first 100 days of National concludes today and all of National’s promises have been met for the first 100 days we see the terrible example of the Herald editor calling for National to break their promises.

Of course they don’t use that terminology but in their calls for changes that they suggest there would be consiiderable broken promises.

I can imagine that if National did follow the Herald’s call then they would devote pages and pages about how untrustworthy National had been because they broke their promises.


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