Shameless promotion for the Missus

The missus recently went to Australia to find some new products. This was her favourite, mine too. Probably not PC as a product but cool things rarely are.

You can get them at Cadlow Trading. Perhaps someone would like to buy the head for Tigerpig.

Tiger Rug from Cadlow Trading

Tiger Rug from Cadlow Trading

Tigerhead from Cadlow Trading

Tigerhead from Cadlow Trading


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  • michaels

    Shameless is right but as you have been some trouble lately I guess it’s the least you can do.

    I rather like the wolf that came into the country. Was on the “dog squad” the other night.

  • spanishbride

    Thank you WO and THANK YOU very much nameless MP who kindly purchased both a head and a rug this evening. I hope they make you smile :)