What a waste of money

This is the sort of waste councils and government  need to guard against.

Auckland’s historic Birdcage pub is on the move – 1.8 metres at a time.

All 740 tonnes of the 19th Century pub and hotel are being moved 40 metres in a painstaking process today to make way for the Victoria Park tunnel project.

Once the tunnel is complete, the entire structure will be moved back to rest on top of the tunnel.

The Birdcage, also known as the Rob Roy Hotel, was built 124 years ago and has been designated a heritage building.

It is being moved on a specially designed concrete track with a greased teflon surface at a cost of $2.5 million.

It is completely wrong-headed thinking. It is nothing any better than a grotty old pub way past its use-by date. They should have bulldozed it, that would have cost less than a hundy. No one excepting whinging do-gooders who should be forced to use public transport would have noticed it. Of course the building was the home of a drinking establishment frequented by Auckland’s liberal elite so of course it had to be saved.

The owner, NZTA, should have run a D9 through it. For $2.5 million they could have built a passable replica.


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  • peterwn

    Now, now, now. The NZTA would need to ensure proper tendering procedures. They cannot specify the make and model of bulldozer to be used.