My First Te Reo – Kotト]ga

Challeged by Tau Henare to do my bit for saving what Maori can’t be bothered saving for themselves, and given that the NZEI union now wants Te Reo as a compulsory subject in schols I thought I would start a new series here on Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

Today’s Te Reo word is Kotト]ga (n)

Kotト]ga = car aerial

Examples of modern usage:

Some mo-fo broke off the aerial so I replaced with aツKotト]ga, it works choice bro. Chur.

The Kotト]ga is wobbly bro, stick some more duct tape ツaround it. chur bro.

The car stereo won’t go bro, no aerial….Stick a Kotト]ga in there you fuckin’ egg, that’ll fix it bro.

See! A Kotト]ga works thereifixedit, chur bro.

Kotト]ga - Te Reo (Maori) for Car Aerial

  • paranormal

    WO – I think you’ve missed the glaring issue here. The NZEI do have a point. With the prevelance of plastic Kotangas these days the usage of this traditional element of the language is in decline.

  • andrewcarrot

    Actually, the correct te reo for a car aerial is “kotanga waia waia”

  • adolffiinkensein

    Just as important is take awai which may be obtained from KFC or Burger King.

  • Lauren Order

    “I went to da dairy for a tin ah cocoa, eh? An I parked on da yellow lines outside? I was in dere for a long time, eh? An when I come out with da tin ah cocoa, Ka toa! I had to walk home, bro! Stink, eh?

  • cadwallader

    And: If your car breaks down and you need the AA, when he arrives you say “Kee Orrah Car Towa.”

  • petal
  • alchemyst

    Nice one NZEI, lets have all the tamariki learning Te Reo and watch how much further they slide down the scale on the national standards. Class room teaching time for te reo has to come at the expense of something else, and it will probably be literacy and numeracy