Phil has a home now

Phil Twyford, Labour’s former spokesman for the homeless, now has a home. He has been selected as Labour’s candidate fot Te Atatu.

Now we wait and see if Chris Carter gets a better job offer s his finishes of his book.

A by-election in Te Atatu triggers the “Tizard Effect”.


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  • thor42

    ***Damn it!*** I was hoping that Prasad would get the nod and we’d then see Carter mincing off into the sunset….
    Looks like we’ll have to put up with his whining and squealing for a while yet. Oh well – at least it will help the Nats with him still being there. Goff, Carter and co – what a “winning” combination….. /sarcasm

  • Doug

    If Te Atatu turns Blue at the next Election Twyford will be back where he started, hoping to be high enough on the list to be re-elected.

  • Doug

    Now we await the best seller from a long serving ex Labour MP and Cabinet Minister will he rain on Twyfords campaign?

  • cadwallader

    Isn’t this about 4rd or 4th time lucky for Twyford? He’s obviously devoid of self-esteem to accept the candidacy under those conditions…typical leftie loser! Power at any cost.

  • sthnjeff

    How come Carter, being the very busy electorate MP that he is has time to write a book whil “serving the people of Te Atatu”. I think many authors would love the oppotunity for the government to fund a salary of $136k while writting a book!