Pagani on Emissions Trading

I see John Pagani is singing the praises of Australia’s recently announced ETS.

Strange that this Labour mouthpiece has deliberately ignored the fact that Australia plans to exempt the agricultural sector

  • Agriculture excluded from paying the carbon price.

He also neglected to observe that Julia Gillard’s government has taken a poularity dive something akin to Phil Goff’s Labour as a result of their carbon tax plans.

Contrast this approach with Phil Goff here and his plan to target the farming sector with a raft of new taxes including an earlier ETS liability and a CGT.


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  • axeman

    Pro Carbon TAX activist shows her ignorance and appears deluded while she denies a consensus of poll results because there have been some protest rallies. Young Australians debate the Carbon TAX on ABC’s Q&A

    The face of the emotion driven, naked ignorance and arrogance of the climate change alarmists.