Cactus asks some tough questions

Cactus Kate asks why ACT MPs are going against the party principles in doing a shabby back room deal with Simon Power?

She even posts a video of Trevor Mallard to show that even the opposition knows how shabby this affront to democracy is.

I don’t think the largest issue is one of list MP’s or MMP as both David and Whaleoil have opined, but more asking ACT MP’s to explain if they vote against the Party Principles, why they have done so.

Heather Roy and Roger Douglas for example were actively pushing and fronting the Freedom of Association Bill (VSM Bill) so really cannot now go and support something that erodes arguably a far larger right or freedom than being forced to join a Student Union for the few years a person is subject to University rule. Hilary Calvert’s proposed actions don’t make any sense at all. Not uncommon as I have opined in previous posts, but still needing explanation.

Have Roy and Calvert corruptly sidestepped their own and their parties principles for some shabby promises from a third rate small town flea lawyer?

One can only imagine what Simon Power promised a brothel owning trust fund baby from Dunedin.

  • Scanner

    This is such a huge example of MMP should be dumped or at the very least modified to reflect the views of the nation, putting aside party politics, these two are traitors at the very least.
    Douglas will disappear into the wilderness at the end of this term, clutching a taxpayer funded parachute that will see him never want for anything for the rest of his life, and Calvert who after one year in the house and managing to be dumped by ACT so we won’t see her again, are both prepared to cross party lines in favour of a bill that removes a basic right from our law books.
    The entire nation left, right, centre, brown white and red all need to be made aware of this potentially dangerous piece of legislation, and at the very least postpone it until a new government is formed after the election that will have the mandate of the people.
    If the media were doing what they claim they do, this issue will see the light of day, and MP’s like Power would be forced to explain to the country the repercussions of this piece of third world legislation.

  • Nick

    Perhaps this is a big “fuck you” to the ACT party by those who have been shafted recently.