Focussing on the things that matter, Ctd

Phil Goff promised us that Labour MPs would focus on the things that matter to Kiwi voter….like orgasms.

God I sound like Sally from that scene in When Harry met Sally #rwc2011
Clare Curran

  • Petal

    What the f………………………………….


  • AzaleaB

    surely she is referring to another scene…please…the image is too disturbing!

  • Mully

    Nah, she sounds more like the singing pig in Babe.

  • Far, far too much information WO

  • Andrew McMillan

    Clare Curran was obviously meaning that she was sounding fake. Surely?

    I could believe that..

  • Anonymous

    Why would Labour want the All Blacks to win? Firstly, such a display of masculine aggression will surely run afoul of all the peaceniks and feminazis, and second, if the All Blacks win the cup, then there’s no way Key will lose.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought Labour were insincere, using the poor and downtrodden as means to obtain power. Now I know that they have been faking it all along.