Ain’t life a bitch

Steve Chadwick is finding it hard adjusting to life as a constituent after Todd McClay handed her an electoral spanking.

Judy T is Facebooking her and she is whining about having to look for a job and handing back her iPad and laptop. It¬†certainly¬†looks like she is living Labour’s slogan nice and hard.

What was it that Helen Clark said once? Oh that’s right…”Diddums!”

  • Gravedodger

    Chadwick had a typical socialist tongue sharp and short
     My empathy tank is empty but I suppose handing back her toys is a step up from the senile dwarfs behavour with the car.

  • mister nui

    So she has lost all her contacts. Surely anyone bright enough would export their contacts from outlook (or whatever) before leaving a job….

    The fact we have such simpletons “working” for us in some of the most important positions in the land speaks volumes about their ability.

    The stupid bint would never get a job in any organisation I run.

  • kevin

    Has to pay for her own flights to Welly to see her kids now.

    • Gazzaw

      The Inter-City bus isn’t too bad and she will have plenty of time. No Koru Lounge though.

  • Mbxchequer

    “only some understand the isolation, huh?”

    Even when she tries to be nice, Steve comes across as a nasty bugger reminding JT of her dumping, lol

  • Rockyr

    Steve…Got a burka ? Give Uncle Helen a ring, plenty of oversea travel and perks.

  • Charles256

    Is Tizard using a 50 year-old photo of herself on Facebook?

  • Kosh103

    Hardly whining. More like passing comment.
    Still the right wing do like to spin the truth.

    • Steve (north shore)

      ‘More like passing comment’ You whine better Kosh, keep it up