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The Telegraph

Awesome quote from Boris Johnson.

So what about Boris? The idea of him as prime minister was first raised in a Spectator editorial meeting almost 10 years ago, to the hearty laughter of everyone on the room – with one exception. The man in question, the magazine’s then editor, looked a little put out, almost hurt. But no one is laughing at him now. The bookmakers have Boris as favourite to succeed Cameron; the fact that he has no Commons seat is a mere detail. Lesser men may feel they ought to choose between being mayor and an MP, but as Boris once said, “My position on cake is pro-having it, and pro-eating it”. Around the Commons, various names are touted (Crispin Blunt, Patrick Mercer) as men who may step down to allow the return of the king over the water.

  • Le Sphincter

    So  Boris barely scapes in ahead of  Red Ken, and its called  Le Triumphe and next step is Downing street ?
    What sort of  ‘big moon’ nonsense is this.
    Where is the majority on the London Assembly for him to do anything.
    Theres 12 labour, 9 Conservative, 2 Green 2 Lib/Dem

    Dont forget Britain has first ‘past the post’ but the concentration of labour voters means that they got 37% of the seats with  only 29% of the vote in 2010 election.

    • Boss Hogg

      It is obviously a trend you don’t like – you are a self styled Arsehole and ooooozzzing shit, as usual

    • Mooloo

      Yes but what you failed to mention is he defied a national trend. What that arsehole livingstone is doing still standing is beyond me . Don’t the Marxists have any new blood.