Sky City Winner

That’s right Whaleoil is pleased to announce that Sky City have indeed selected¬†their next Government Relations Manager.

While Tracy Watkins may be of the view¬†that Whaleoil “runs half-baked conspiracy theories and innuendo” it turns out that¬†yet again my sources are better than hers. Perhaps if Watkins talked to a few more¬†people other than the Labour party she might just get a more accurate range of¬†information.

Surprise, surprise, the winner is a mate of Bews-Hair which puts the odds of 5 to 1 as pretty bloody average.

The ever so slight twist is that the winner is… Sifa Taumoepeau. Sifa has already¬†been Sky City’s Government Relations Manager. He had a stint a few years back¬†before following then head of Sky City (Evan Davies) to Todd Property.

So how close is Sifa Taumoepeau to James Bews-Hair and did Bews-Hair really have a role in getting Sifa back in there?

Let’s have a look at a bit of history first:

  • Bews-Hair recruited Taumoepeau into the Labour Party Research Unit.
  • Bews-Hair no doubt got Taumoepeau his job at Tourism Industry Association (when¬†Bews-Hair left to join Sky City)
  • Bews-Hair then handpicked Taumoepeau to take on the New Zealand aspects of the¬†Government Relations role at Sky City (when Bews-Hair left to go to Northland and¬†try and help mine the place to bits)
  • Bews-Hair and Taumoepeau continue to be close friends.

Under Bews-Hair and Taumoepeau’s stewardship Sky City largely flew under the¬†radar, built relationships with the various problem gambling groups and did a whole¬†lot of wanky community outreach crap. All lovely cover for the true corporate (and¬†completely appropriate given they are a bloody corporate) to get what they needed¬†to extend their business in New Zealand and Australia.

So, how will Bews-Hair manipulate his friend this time (and isn’t it remarkable that¬†anyone still trusts him)? and to what end? To help Len get that conference centre¬†and theatre?

Anyone noticed how all of a sudden Len has suddenly got all tough on gambling again?

  • Ben Ross

    And WO does it again. I wonder if he should run his own digital channel over the net, never know he could outstrip One News in the viewers department :P 

    But speaking of Len I did see this come up this morning¬†¬†hmmm…

    • Neil

      There is nothing like having a faithful team of blabbers to put you ahead of the media. I was just thinking last night actually thats what the old Duke pub was in the 1970’s – all the press guys used to meet there and get the latest goss (along with all sorts of other stuff) – this type of thing don’t happen as much and noone wants to be seen with the current crop…..

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    “Perhaps if Watkins talked to a few more¬†people other than the Labour
    party she might just get a more accurate range of¬†information” – ooooh hurts pretty bad!

  • Peter Wilson

    Now Sky just have to choose¬†the Minister for “Sky City Relations” – the cabinet minister that will co-ordinate any other law changes required.