So why does Brian Rudman need another theatre?

You have to wonder why Brian Rudman keeps banging on about a theatre when it seems there is one perfectly adequate one being opened soon. It seems that Nikki Kaye is getting invited to arts functions that Rudman is missing out on.

  • johnbronkhorst

    More rediculous spending from leftie len…..Didn’t I just see a news item about the sorry state of Aucklands storm water system…how far would $10 mill. go….But no, you can’t hang a sign on that, saying “Lennie built this”.

  • Gazzaw

    Possibly Rudman is missing out on the invitations because the hosts no longer perceive him or his employers as being relevant any longer.

  • I could say the same about banging on about a new convention centre when Auckland it already has one – seriously guys how many 3000 person delegate conventions do you really think New Zealand can get every year….. A bit like all the added seating at “The Swamp” to now show off a less than half full stadium at each event staged there since the Rugby World Cup.