I wonder if the Muslim Brotherhood will take action?

NZ Herald

Madonna flashed her tit at a concert in Turkey…expect outrage…though she is getting well past her used by date:

Madonna gave her fans in Turkey an eyeful when she had a wardrobe malfunction and exposed a nipple – on purpose – during a recent show.

During a raunchy striptease on stage, Madonna took off her shirt and pulled down her bra to reveal her right breast to the crowd.

The incident sent fans into squeals of delight.

  • Brian Smaller

    I am not sure what is sadder. 50+ Madonna acting like a 20 year old, or the poor fucks who go crazy at the mere sight of her titty. 

    • Random66

      To be fair she is probably in better shape than many 18-20yr olds I see walking around.

      • Brian Smaller

         No doubt about her bod, but I was referring to her acting her age. 50 can be sexy without being 20-year old slutty.

    • Just as well it was not at the NFL finals…. Hey we’re talking about Turkey here – she’s just confirmed what the Eastern men think of Western women – they’re all sluts to be used by men……

  • BallSack, Agent Provocateur

    From the Muslim men I have seen, they go crazy for American girls. Madonna’s only fear is that her ass is gonna be sore from being pinched a hundred thousand  times in one day. Bunch of hypocritical zealots.

  • The Bella

    Quality entertainer and fit as a buck rat, wouldn’t say no to giving the flying Phillidelphia a go with her, age is no barrier but shape is.

  • Never in the Dark

    Showing every bit of her age….and still no class.