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So the Police can act and complete a report on complaints from the Labour party but are yet to even lift a finger to investigate the more than 20 complaints laid by the Electoral Commission, many of which are complaints against the Labour party.

How does that work?

  • le sphincter

    Does one have a possible jail sentence ?
    The others are parking ticket type  offenses, then again they could be looking at MGA  WoF

    Remind us again about one investigation ¬†done ‘toute suite’ over a microphone in a public cafe ¬†surrounded by a full media scrum.

    • Roger

      ¬†Yeah well Shearer shouldn’t be parking unregistered cars there puckered one.

  • Bunswalla

    It’s toute de suite, tete de cock

    • Ford

      its tout..without the e…twat

      • Bunswalla

        It’s Holden…cunt

      • le sphincter

        No wonder these things take ‘forever’ if they spend their time ¬†checking the genitals ¬†of french words
        Your friday night kicks ?Good luck  on your mission  to discover all the cross dressers in the dictionary

    • ConwayCaptain

      And it is coq

      • Bunswalla

        Only if you mean “head of rooster” captain – I didn’t.

  • Rockyr

    Meanwhile how is the enquiry into Labour Activist Daljit Singh and his multiple fraudulent votes going.?

    • Whaleoil

      Really very slowly…but there is something coming up on him I think you will all enjoy

  • Paddles83

    Until they clean out the Labour stoolies from Police HQ don’t hold your breath.

  • Bafacu

    Penny Dumb isn’t an activist – she’s an idiot