Roll up, Roll up

ŠĒ• the tipline

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Just the kind of poster needed to put plastered all over any “labour party” electioneering signage…

  • Neil

    Who are those shadow men?

  • Troy

    Yes pity the Liarbor Party couldn’t have been more honest by putting at the bottom that they had done exactly the same thing in the past.¬† Bunch of fucking hypocrites, the laughable thing is, the public know it.

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  • Johnbronkhorst

    and only one went to jail for it!!!!

  • David


  • baw

    Is the NZ Labour party for sale as well? Do I buy Labour and get the Greens for free, or is it buy Labour and get Winston for free?

    I’m sure I could find use for them somewhere. – Don’t know where but I’m sure I will think of it.¬†

    (ok for the record they are¬†useful¬†opposition parties, but I don’t want them in power)

  • Ford

    roll up a doobie? some papers?

    • Greg M

      ¬†I thought you didn’t smoke?