Cactus Kate gives 10 reasons to love Cunliffe

ᔥ Cactus Kate

Cactus Kate seems to have gotten over her sticky knickers for David Shearer’s beneficiary bashing and has now moved onto greener pastures…her interest politics is like her interest in men…fleeting and only the married ones. However she does list ten reason for Labour to go hot with with Cunliffe:

10. Massive by-elections of “old” MP’s. We all know how Labour love those.
9. Ardern may move to Goff’s seat and finally be able to afford a house.
8. It takes a certain amount of confidence in 2012 to wear a beard.
7. Would employ Brian and Judy and Chris and Gordon. And most of The Stranded.
6. DPS could stake out Lynne Carter’s old house and finally catch gangsters working in Cunliffe’s area off the water.
5. Robertson gives a mighty good shoe shine.
4. Went overseas while shit went down to promote NZ wine in a Wales castle at Atlantic College reunion. A loyalist.
3. Not Shearer.
2. Rumored to be currently in South of France. Hot.
1. Represents New Lynn. Stylish enough to live in Herne Bay.

The best part is Cunners selling Kiwi wine in a castle in Wales…they look convinced. Farrar will no doubt post this in three days time showing that he is even slower than the MSM during recess.

  • le sphincter

    Seems like she thought  Don Brash was ‘hot’ for a while ?
    Was there a list 10 reason  to love  Donny boy ?

    But was an internet date, so when the get together arrived she was looking at  John Banks, the fundamentalist family man and not the suave single former banker.

  • Redbaiter

    Kate Farrar and Whale should all join Labour. They have just the right Liberal mindset to fit in there.

    With their additional neo-liberal economic views they would be able to offer excellent guidance for Labour in that area too.

    Farrar could be leader, with Kate co-leader and Whale as Deputy.


    Then we could start getting some real right wing attitude in National.