Gower On Labour’s Pains

Patrick Gower was interviewed about Labour’s pains on Firstline today.

He was asked about Su’a William Sio’s comments, but he also reveals what David Shearer had to say when asked what he thought of Sio’s view that it could cost Labour the next election. Hilarious.

I really hope this is Shearer’s new interview strategy…

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  • kowtow

    A blond  and a clown. Who cares what these empty heads say?

  • Dead right Kowtow..

    Marxist media, a complete yawn.

  • Arkantos

    Shearer’s inspiration:

  • guest

    I have just seen paddy gower  and duncan garner talking up a storm at Squid row in aucks with some other guy. interesting wellington for breakfast, Auckland for lunch. maybe planning the next faze of the Liebour party 

    • Mike Hunt

      i’d go for their amazing salt and pepper squid, paddy and duncan probably jumped the shark to get whale

  • Rockyr

    “it’ll be decided by the whole parliament”……….Nah it will be decided by the conscience of a number of un-elected list MPs many conflicted by their own deviancy.