My own Swim Team

Back in 2011 I was emailed by the coach of a Canadian kids Swim Team who wanted to use my logo:

Dear Mr. Whaleoil,

We are a small summer¬†swim¬†club called The Orcas in Lethbridge, Alberta,¬†Canada.¬† We would like to use the image of the ‚Äúripped orca‚ÄĚ for our swim¬†wear and promotional material.¬† Is this possible, and how much would you charge us?

Please contact me as I am the treasurer of this 100 member non-profit kids club.


Darryl Godwin

Since it is a club and for kids I gave them permission and did it for free. I had forgotten about it but was going through some old emails and thought I’d check them out. One day I might even have to go visit.

They have a Facebook page, and a website.

  • Petal

    I would at least have requested a T Shirt :)

    Love the level at which the guy pitched it too. Just right.

  • fozzie

    Nice one wa’il – knew there was a good heart in there somewhere !!!

  • Kent Aitchison

    We are going to send a shirt!

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      well done that man!