Amazingly vulnerable?

Lord knows what is going on when the worlds richest woman is described as vulnerable.

Is she down to her last Ā£3 Billion?

Australia has unveiled its official portrait of the Queen for the Diamond Jubilee, capturing her in an ā€œamazingly vulnerableā€ pose on the spot where she was crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Still I suppose it is better what you would expect the Australians to want in a painting, Dame Enda and Betty Windsor dancing to Knees up Mother Brown.

  • TiggerNZ

    She’s not the world’s richest woman, that’s Gina Rinehart.

    • parorchestia

      And Gina’s only vulnerability is her media shares.

  • Alex

    Think HM lost the world’s richest woman status long ago — dear old Gina is the top cat in that league. And She lost the richest Briton well before that.

    I think most people are quite amazed when they meet the Queen these days to discover this diminutive elderly woman.

    That’s what I think is the monarchy’s chief virtue — to put a very human face on an impersonal state apparatus.