Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

28 September

Had a good night at Ken’s, lovely wine from the back of the truck, and a good singalong. The comrades made me proud, they were giving Ken a ribbing about me being better for the union movement than him. It is hard not to agree, Ken never increased union membership. He got a bit sulky but we sang Bandeira Rossa and he cheered up. Helen gave me a ride home in her union M class, but she is very worried she might have to give it back as the “Shed Fund” looks like it will have to be wound up.

That condescending little prick Finlayson asked me about my plans for increasing union membership in the lift this morning. He is an unconscionable little weasel of a man. How I wish I could take him to the Petone Working Mens club and get my comrades there to make him see sense.

Union made sushi for lunch. Soy too salty.


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  • jay cee

    whats up here? i mean she won her seat didn’t she? not one of those list mp’s so some nat voters must love her?