Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

Tuesday 4th September

Truly bad end to yesterday. While I was out Big Gerry walked past my office and sniffed out the pies I had for the food bank. Came back to find a huge mess and all pies gone. Stopped off at the food bank, poor old duck there was devastated, so many hungry and a government that doesn’t care. Shed a few tears then sang Solidarity Forever and felt a lot better.

Today was a slightly better day. Told those rednecks at Fish and Game to piss off. Felt a lot better. Dickhead gun owners. Gave CEO of POAL a serve, felt really good. Tuesday good day as canteen has favourite soup  (red tomato of course) and managed to sneak a few buns to drop off down at the CTU later on tonight.

Got an invite to Ken’s for dinner Thursday, was stoked. Always good working man food there, and Ken has a great cellar of french wine that fell of the back of a truck a few years back to go with it.


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